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Thanks for your suggestions. The mobo I am thinking about is the P5w DH deluxe ($209 Newegg), and if I spend that kind of money, I want good ram. I ran into some posts on Newegg and other sites, indicating it will not recognize more than 3.5 mb since there are some resources embedded in the RAM. You must have to go to Vista to get the full 8 mb, but I think even three is enough, I am going to start out with two. The ram use is not conclusive, just a post. Another said that the bios setup was funky for clocking the ram, showed 800 mhz as 533 or something, and was not adjustable thru the bios. I guess I would have to get on the Mobo forum. Not really for this site. Others have succeded with it however. Curious. I agree that I do not need SLI or crossfire, but I like the features for video editing and it has a heck of an onboard sound system. If I need to add a sound card, no worries, it has three slots for PCI. Hard drive, I am thinking two 500 GB Seagates ES series. Use one for a backup. I don;t think I need raid. I was going to get the E6600 processor, since it is the cheapest with the 4mb cache. The P5 has the 975x chipset. Not the fastest, but probably fast enough. I purchased a 550 Antec, and an antec P180 Case. Might get a few more fans for the case for cooling. Should I go with one big 512 MB (lots of heat) in the PCI 16x. It has two other video slots (crossfire?) but I like to keep it simple.

I thought of the Radeon, but the path of the data will likely be from the capture to the ram to the hard drive, the video card being for display. I appreciate your thoughts and experience, and four years from now I would like this system to be rocking on like yours is.

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