Safety First! Don’t put yo


Safety First! Don’t put yourself in a position that you may get hurt or the person being taped gets hurt.

I still consider myself a beginner…I have done several hunting videos.
I use to try blend each scene with a transition…looking back it isn’t good.

Watch a movie on the topic you are filming. You want to see what else everyone is doing to get an idea of what is good. When I say topic it would be anything having to do with extreme sports…skateboarding, surfing, BMX, etc…

Get on the ground and get some footage from low. Someone grinding on a rail you may position yourself at the end focus on the lastfoot oftheof rail, and as they come towards and past you your getting the board grinding. Those shots are pretty cool and easy to do.

Jump shots get the camera on a short tripod and off to one side just a little and have the person jump above the camera and about 2 feet away.

Just some things I would do.

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