I’m a still Photographer migrating over to video. Negotiating usage rights is quite similar as with still photos. First off, it’s in your best interest to offer corporations “carte blanche” usage because that’s what makes it a lucrative deal for you. And the businesses you should be pitching to should be able to afford a buyout with no hesitation. Day rate for typical PR footage averages between $3500 and $1500 and includes a licensed use for news editorial use. A complete buyout for exclusive rights can easily earn you $5k – $10k or more. However, if your pitching to small non-profit organizations or small businesses; the clients tend to behave more adversarial towards the business of rights-management. This can make for an uncomfortable transaction and in my opinion your better off aiming higher towards blue-chip corporations. Though you can easily apply the © symbol to the final deliverable to establish a legal precedence that authorized managed rights. In regards to question c) …Hell yes you should expect a commitment! $$$… Look, first do your research, then submit your pitch in writing to the appropriate targeted person(s). Include the value and benefits of the project and outline the cost. Outline a payment arrangement if you feel the need to. Be tenacious about following up to get their consent. Getting the green light is often a lengthy process.

Good Luck!

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