“S.O.B!! So you’re telling


“S.O.B!! So you’re telling me I don’t have firewire on my computer and
can’t get it!? AHHHHH!! I just spent $1000 on a video camera and


Now you have come to know the ‘true joy’ of video production. This why so many of the pro’s on these forums harp on doing thorough research on the gear you intend to use. Okay, it’s a common mistake but as Birdcat suggested it’s a doable fix.

Now that PCMCIA card option he mentioned, make sure it’s a firewire controller card. These cards are inexpensive and go into your laptop’s pcmcia slot and add firewire connectivity if you don’t have it built in. Here’s a link that has a good selection. I would be leery of the ADS model because when using XP 32 bit I would get regular ‘Delayed Write Failure’ errors when I had a portable harddrive connected to their controller cards. If you’re just connected from camera to laptop for capture, no prob.


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