Ryan, Suggestions 1-There




1-There is an awful lot of empty space at the top of your page. This is valuable screen real estate that is going to waste. I measured 95 pixels from the top of the logo to the top of the window and 92px from the bottom of the logo to the start of content on the page. There is also a lot of negative space on the left created by the fact that your main menu links are so small and the features videos are so long. You could save some horizontal space by placing the featured video below the main menu links, this would eliminate a lot of the negative space issues.

2-Tighten up your Information Architecture, Drop or scale back the site news section, it just make the page longer and actually doesn’t add much useful information. Do you really think potential clients want a highlight of what you were doing almost a year ago on the front page. In the same vein do you really think a potential client cares about what kind of boom pole you guys use? Of for that matter what kind of camera? You are trying to sell yourselves as a creative group to the client, not the gear you use. The same holds true for listing the software you use, especially when it is older software like PP 2.0 and AE6.5. Clients don’t usually care what software you are using, unless they need a specific digital format turned over, but most people only care about the finished product.

3- The Home and About page appear to havemost of the same content. Either change the content on one of them or get rid of the about page. Repeating content just makes it look like you didn’t have enough to use and doesn’t create a good impression for the client.

4-Regarding the Links page, I have always thought that links pages should be annotated. Give a short explanation of why the visitor should click on the link and how they are related to your company.

5-Regarding the Contact us Page, I would suggest adding some information on the top about what filling out this form is for, or a lead in to why they are contacting you. You might also consider in addition to having the email form just listing a simple email link as well. Some people don’t like using these forms and prefer to just email from their own system or webmail.

6-For the awards section I would suggest adding more explanation on what each award is and what you guys did to win or earn it. Just listing awards that a potential client has never heard of isn’t really helpful. For example what is an ALIVE award, who gives it out and why should winning one be impressive at all?

7-The color palette of the site is very muted, dark and mid-tone grays and the like. This isn’t a color palette that conveys the creative and visionary nature of your company. Color is a very powerful factor that helps establish a mood with the viewer when they enter and view your site. In the same vein you need a real logo. Sans serif letters with a gradient don’t really convey the nature of your company, they just kind of look cheap and hastily thrown together.

All in all the site is very spartan. You don’t really have that much content. Not written content anyway and that is a problem. You are trying to sell yourselves and your company to prospective clients. Who are you guys? What is your philosophy of editing, or shooting, or anything? You want to use the site to try and convince prospective clients that they can trust you with their gig and tht you know what you are doing and can deliver a good product.

The site really is a promotional piece, a sales piece and you and your company are the product that it is trying to sell. There are a couple of questions you should ask yourself before you put a site on the web, questions like who are you? Who are you trying to attract with the site? What do you want visitors to take away from it?

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