Ryan3078 Wrote:No, you mos


Ryan3078 Wrote:

No, you most certainly do not want to Deinterlace your progressive video.

In Premiere, there is an option when exporting video. Deinterlace. It has an option for upper or lower field, which of course would be for anything shot in 30i or 60i. But there’s also a progressive option. If you don’t want to deinterlace, than why would Adobe include that option?


Thanks for pointing that out, you make a good point. I’ll make some calls.

I believe the feature is targeted at those making projects from still photos and animation.

I’ve made a host of videos using still photos, and many tend to flicker on a TV screen because of their large size and resolution. And they’re progressive. I’ll apply a "flicker filter" or deinterlace filter to smooth them out. Yes, in this case it helps especially with pan-and-scan effects.

We’ll have to check out itsonny’s footage…


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