Ryan, enjoyed your v


 Ryan, enjoyed your video. Lots of nice effects displayed. I don’t know what the normal time length for this type of music video. I might have prefered a 2 minute or so length, again just my preference. As far as the video camera suggestions: for $500 or less you will be in the consumer level of cam. You can get excellent results with these as long as you understand and use good lighting, framing, etc. Lots of practice shooting video is the best way to learn. As your skill and experience increases, you will be better able to pick out the features that you want in the next level of cam (prosumer to professional). If you are willing to consider buying used equipment, you should be able to find some more expensive ($1000 and up) cams with more features for the price you stated. I won’t give too many specific suggestions for make/model of cam. I personally use Sony sr-11 (sr-12 same but with larger hard drive storage). It produces good images and has a suitable number of the features that I wanted. Some features you should look for: external microphone plug, earphone plug, as many manual features as possible, full Hd capable (1080i, some prefer 1080p), larger sensor- 1/3″ (you probably won’t find larger sensors than you are now using). If you search these forums you can find lots of suggestions for video cameras and a lot of them will be in your price range especially if you look at the used market. A good reference point to start with would be bhphoto, check out their used equipment, also check ebay etc. As always with used stuff, buyer beware. Keep shooting.

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