Running into you a lot ton


Running into you a lot tonight, well wee hours of a Sunday morning for me … sleepless in Southern California. R U any relation to Stone Cold Steve Austin? Just kidding …

A day rate is good to have, depending on what you’re working/bidding. So is a half-day rate. NOTE: half day rate is usually higher, on average, for 4-6 hours, than a day rate for 8-12 hours, sort of develops an incentive for the client to go with the DAY rate, as it saves them some money in the event production goes south and can’t wrap in half-a-day.

I keep my math simple and try to average a $70 per hour rate (used to have two, one for shooting, one for editing, but …) and occasionally do better than that, but sometimes do worse. I usually use my target hourly fee as the basis for flat fee or turnkey estimates … not always a win-win, especially if you’re a bit too optimistic on how quickly you can get the work done.

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