Ronzig, there is a differe


Ronzig, there is a difference between “ruffling the feathers” of someone with a “delicate ego” and showing such disrespect. Granted there are certainly arrogant people in this industry, but not nearly as arrogant as you, and they at least have skills to back it up. Judging by your Youtube, you are not worth $100/hr. Not even $20/hr. You’d be lucky to get a non-paying internship.

“I think I tend to under charge because I appreciate each opportunity to practice and treat each as a learning experience”

Exactly why you fail to see why Bruce’s questions were relevant. Providing your skills and expertise is WORK, not just a learning experience. Clearly you’re an amateur who doesn’t understand the industry.

“if the effort that has been put into chastising me had been directed towards answering Bruce’s question, we’d all be much further ahead.”

Nope. He didn’t give us enough information to answer the question. And I don’t know why you still think the original poster’s name is Bruce.

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