Ronzig – A few things. 1)


Ronzig –

A few things.

1) My name is Bruce – I don’t know what Filmer77’s name is.

2) Earl was polite – I don’t know if I would be as genteel in framing a response were I not a moderator here.

3) I liked Filmer77’s video but my questions still remain – What you are producing, where you are and what the competition look like have a direct bearing on the prices you can charge (ask some of our more successful contributors like Earl Chessher,, Grinner Hester, Jay Micheals, Wolf Porter, etc… their opinions about what can be charged in their particular markets).

4) I will say that based on your work on Vimeo, I think you should be concentrating on your skills – as a videographer and/or editor – before you think about competing for paying gigs in a major market like Toronto.

5) I am not a politician, nor do I play one on TV.

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