Rohlux, The comedy gig is



The comedy gig is still in the works. It is on a “summer break” right now and hoping to go full force in the fall. We are trying to get sponsors, as I did the last couple shows for free. MY CHOICE. Fox was interested in it but not the production of it (good for me as I wouldn’t have to be replaced!). We are also trying to get the attention of another regional channel who would split the advertising revenue from commercials. They called the demo version too dark, so we are working on some of the lighting and hopefully come across a format that would better fit a 30 minute time slot and record 3 shows at a time.

As for Premiere Pro, the 30 mins or so I tried of it I hated it, but that was mostly because I was used to Vegas. I like with Vegas being able to literally edit right on the timeline naturally. With Vegas being cheaper than Premiere pro in the first place, you may want to check it out. AE will work just as well with Vegas!

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