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Rogue Wolf,

One very good thing I did for my own video performance is upgrade my laptop drive. There is still a difference in read/write speed, but replacing your 4200 RPM drive with a 7200 RPM drive will not only improve your video conversion work, it will also speed up your laptop a little bit. I mainly work with web video and use my laptop as my main machine. For this reason I have maxed out my drive, processor, and memory specs on my laptop. This allows me to capture as well as a desktop and keep my laptop scrappy but mobile.

Ebay currently shows a 100Gb 7200 rpm laptop drive going for about $120, it’s June 2007.

On PCs this is usually a very simple replacement; just order, shut everything down and unplug, remove 4 protective screws on the underbody of your laptop, and replace. Depending on what technology your laptop supports, this simple bump up in rotation will increase your productive performance. You will have to know whether your laptop takes the ATA or SATA interface so that you order the right kind of drive. I can’t believe, I’m even seeing a 160Gb 7200 rpm laptop drive by Seagate, but it’s SATA, and my laptop won’t be able to accomodate that, otherwise I would have purchased it.

The 2 advantages you could have if you’re willing to spend the $120 drive upgrade is an increase in performance and the fact that you can offload your work to the slower RPM drive when it’s in transition or not in use. As always, the down side is you have to spend money.

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