Rogue Wolf,I wish for so


Rogue Wolf,

I wish for so many reasons that the firewire standard would have been made less expensive so people could begin using it like USB2. Its main advantages for me are that each device can be added to the chain of devices, and order does not matter because a lot of devices have 2 firewire ports. Non laptop drives are sold which have a USB2 port and 2 firewire ports. If you’re still interested, you can place your external 7200 rpm drive with firewire in the middle of your ADVC capture device and the laptop. The other end of your ADVC can be connected to your TV.

Laptop —— iLink/firewire —— 7200RPMdrive —— firewire —— CanopusADVC-110 —— TV

Your laptop does very little work, the majority of it is done in the Canopus hardware captured directly to your external drive. Your laptop is simply the controller.


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