Rog, It’s a good camera,



It’s a good camera, and you should enjoy it.


A little harsh towards the GL-2, aren’t you? Frankly, It’s still a decent camera. Yeah, it’s SD and 4:3, but 99% of my clients still want 4:3, and Even in 2009 when all analog video signals are wiped out, Digital SD signals will still exist and remain the "normal" broadcasting method for a while yet.

I agree, going high def is a good idea to consider for the long haul, but saying that 4:3 and SD are all worn out and serve no purpose is a little silly. No, it’s a lot silly. Ridiculously silly and naive is more like it. For crying out loud, there’s not even an affordable, easy to work with standard for burning HD discs yet. Blu Ray still costs something like a grand for the burner and a 15 pack of discs, and HD-DVD doesn’t even have a burner on the market, and the only company that claimed to be shipping them, Toshiba, recently told someone at another forum I’m at that they won’t be shipping them any time soon. Once we get down to a few hundred bucks for a decent speed (at least 4x) burner, and discs are under, say, $5 each, then and only then will SD be in any risk of going extinct, and considering the literally hundreds of DVD’s in everyone’s homes, I’m going to bet it won’t be happening for several years. Seriously, I still have VHS movies that I watch!

But to each his own, and if you don’t want to use SD, that’s fine by me. I’m not hurting for clients, even with my "cheap feeling, outdated, aged technology"! πŸ˜€

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