Rob, You’re correct about



You’re correct about the techniques of creating a film look in video. My point is, film is nice buy why are so many of us breaking our necks to turn video into film? Where are the reams of books and stacks of training CD’s going on at length of how to take advantage of the video format in it’s own right? I remember the first time I saw raw DigiBeta footage that was headed to the NatGeo Channel. It was shot without 35mm adapters and all of the trappings that go with ‘filming up’ video. The images were phenomenal. Later that same year I was training with an HDCAM rig and the stuff my team and me shot blew me away. Again, it was all shot without any intention of making it look like film.

It wasn’t until the last season of ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’ when I read an article about the show being shot in HD that I finally started hearing a cinematographer seriously talk about what could be done artistically with video without harping on how it wasn’t film.

You also mentioned shallow dof. Yes that’s inherent with shooting film and it’s been that way since it was invented. I personally like the deep dof you get with video as it’s condusive to what we actually see. Now there’s debate about shallow being better to help focus attention on the subject, but take Soap Operas for example. They stopped shooting with film back in the mid-’60’s and transitioned to HD in this decade. They don’t bother with shallow dof and their audiences don’t give a rat’s toenail’s about shallow dof because they don’t notice it. Why? Because the audience is focused on the characters and the storyline. You get that through your framing and composition.

The real reason you want shallow dof is when you’re going to project your piece onto a large screen (especially at theatrical sizes.) It’s at size that all that extra detail gets rough on the eyes. On TV, not so bad. But with HD screens getting larger by the year, it’s going to factor in. Ever try to watch a sporting event on a 72-inch screen in HD without shallow dof? Better be at the back of the room.

I think the whole shallow dof thing is just like the 24p thing, just another marketing bit to get us to spend money. Funny thing is, I also happen to like shallow dof and 24p so I’ll be ponying up when the time comes.


Rob, I took a look at your demo. You do good work.

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