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In reading what you have posted thus far, it appears that youre on the right track in doing your research. It also appears that you need to dig a little deeper. The GL2 does NOT have an onboard XLR interface either but you can get a special adapter from Canon that will let you hook up two XLR mics to it. You are correct in that the VX2100 does not have any XLR interface either but there are companies such as BeachTek that make real nice adapters for this camera (as well as others) so that you can hook up XLR mics to it too.

To the human eye, the difference from going from a 1/4 CCD to a 1/3 CCD on higher end cameras will be very hard to distinguish. The only time you would really notice it is maybe is in low light filming of which the larger chip (1/3) would maybe show a better picture because it is slightly bigger and captures more light. If youre planning on video taping in a well lit kitchen, the chip size difference will probably not be noticeable.

BTW: Im not sure how far you are going to take this but if you are serious about putting together a production unit together for a cooking show, you probably should get 2 cameras.

It also sounds like you may be confused with regards to HDV/SD and resolution. Dont worry though because there are a kagillion articles on the internet that you can search for that will explain everything in detail. Just type what youre looking for in one of the search engines. As compusolver mentioned, 1080 doesnt relate to SD cameras and if you’re producing a video style show for TV or DVD, you really don’t need 24fps.


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