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Flash, Quicktime, Real, and Windows Media are all possible streaming formats. Whether a video is fully streaming or progressive download is a matter of what type of server you have access to.

The latest numbers I see say that the Flash player is the most ubiquitous media player online. WMV will only run on a PC, while Flash video will run on both Mac and PC, quicktime will run on both, and I am unsure of the real player. If you wanted to reach a cross platform audience with WMV you would have to use the Silverlight platform from Microsoft, which is a cross browser, cross platform technology

Initially, the term streaming was used when discussing web technologies that did not have to fully download to the user’s computer before they would display. We used to have to use mpeg-1 files in web pages (you still could if you wanted to) the problem with them is that the files have to fully download to the users computers before they will display at all, so web video was severely limited. Of the four video formats that are streamable any of them can be delivered via progressive download or full streaming. The question is what type of server do you have access to. A standard web server is going to offer you the progressive download option while a streamig server will give you a fully integrated streaming experience.


h.264 is a codec while .mov is a format, they aren’t the same thing. The quicktime file is encoded using the h.264 codec.

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