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I can’t take the credit for the video, but I will say for all my experience I learned as much as you did! Though I have come up with stupidly cheap and innovative ways to get footage with creative camera supports, these simple techniques Van Der Meer used will now be added to my repertoire. Your suggestion sounds like a good idea and I’m glad you’ve shared it with the forum.

The main thing I try to stress to new and intermediate shooters is these days you are so fortunate because consumer equipment is a) readily available and b) is sooooo much better than the first generation of consumer video cameras! With what’s available now, there is no reason not to be able to make professional looking videos despite having only consumer grade gear.

Now be advised, your CMOS chip camera (other than the Canon EOS and Nikon N lines of chips) in your ‘flip brick’ will not look like you shot it with a high-end HD or Film camera. There is no way to make your footage look like you did. However, you can still get a good clean image by using proper shooting techniques, lighting (natural or man-made) and adding camera movements like the ones mentioned in the video. The key to learn is the pro’s know when, where and how to put those moves to best use.

These techniques and tools will serve you well but can be easily thwarted if you don’t shoot to edit. If you don’t shoot with the eventuality of editing the footage all the great tools and camera tricks won’t mean squat.

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