Rob, I’ve always prefered



I’ve always prefered video to film. I’ve worked with both and probably developed enough film from 35mm to 5″x7″ to circumnavigate the globe. Video always looked like the real world to me. Film afficionados always harped how video was too harsh and film was more the look of fantasy. My counter to that was film had been around for a hundred years and you were used to it. Now, film is wonderful mind you as there are creative things you can do with it that video has yet to achieve. However, that gap is closing fast.

Now I do like 24p from midlevel pro cameras and above particularly for projects that will go straight to DVD or the Web. If you know what you’re doing, you can simulate a ‘filmic’ look. When I’m shooting something that way, I try not to get too carried away with it. You can get some nice looks, but if you really want to shoot a film look, you should use film. If you take a look at the ‘5k Anyone’ thread and watch the Great Shootout video, you’ll see how HD video shot with several of the midlevel cameras commonly discussed in the forums stack up against film. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Lately, I’ve been all about 60p. I’m just sorry Premiere CS3 will only go as far as 30p which still looks nice. I think Vegas 8.1 and or 9.0 will handle the full frame rate. If I remember correct, you’re an FCP user, can it handle 60p?

Now, would I use 60p to shoot a drama or a romantic film? Probably not. But you are correct, there’s a whole bunch of issues going into post with a 24p project and if you didn’t take them into account during production, your editor will have soooooo much fun and nice things to say about you in the editing bay.

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