Robgrauert, not all PC’sha


Robgrauert, not all PC’shavea firewireportbuiltin.Minedidn’t,but Iknewthisand planned aheadoftime when I built my PC.IknewIcouldbuy a cheap firewirecardso I was abletobuy a cheaper motherboard (actually the motherboard I got had a few special features no other motherboard had, so I didn’t miss the firewire :-P). And with thecard I now have the advantage of 3firewireportsifI feltlike gettinga firewire HDD or otherfirewire devices.

Firewire 400cards will onlyrun you about10dollars and mostofthemcome with afirewirecableas well.Firewire 800cards (overkill forvideo transfer, but the extra speedishandy forthingslike external firewire harddrives)aregoingto bein the $50-$60range from what I’veseen.

HouseofBrouse, checkout the big onlinecomputerretailers like Newegg and Tigerdirect to find one you like. I use a Rosewill brand one. I’ve never had a problem with it- it was decently cheap and works very well.

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