Robgrauert gave you a lot


Robgrauert gave you a lot of good answers, so I will only answer some of your questions:

…i was hearing, lots of people didnt think High-Definition is good.Something about its hard to edit? Why is it?

Like robgrauert said,it has to do with whether the software you like can handle editing HD footage. And whether you and software can handle the wild formats. My boss’s camerasshoot AVCHD and even though there’s .MLP, .CIF and someothers, the only ones we can edit are the .MTS files. That’s three different file formats in one camera alone! And that’s just the Hi-Def files!!!! The SD is recorded as mpegs. Very confusing first day on the job, I can tell you.

And they were saying most people dont have HD-TV, but we can still play HD movies on SD-TVs cant we?

Maybe. Though people who go all out will have burned their movie to Blu-ray disks which requirea blu-ray player. If you don’t have it, you’re out of luck. People I know don’t. Then the movie maker’s out of luck. Besides, why go to all the trouble to work with HD(editing, formats, render times…) when you’re going to be watching in SD anyway? So it’s HD. Big whoop. I’d go the easier route and shoot and edit SD if you’re going to watch SD.

Also i was hearing people say DV is better then DVD and hard drive, also because DVD’s and Hard Drives are hard to edit, or something about Compression…?

That’s another reason my boss’s cameras have so many file formats. They are Hard Disk Drive(HDD) cameras. You have to backup the .MTS HD files with the other wild formats. I know that .CIF or whateverfiles are clip info for backup. I don’t know about DVD, but I agree with robgrauert: how would you getyour footageoff? I use Flash Media which is only available in SD. It’s .AIFF files or something, but i don’t notice really because there’s only one type of file, so that’s the one I’m editing.

Also, can we turn Hi Dif Cameras off, High Dif if we wanted to?

All HD cameras I’ve seen record SD as well. You change the setting on your camera, but it’s not really like turningHD off.It’s more like choosing what you will havefor lunch today:maybe you can turn your pizza taste buds off.

Good luck!

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