@robGRAUERT – All fair poi


@robGRAUERT – All fair points. You’re right – my assessment that AE and PS are more valuable than color is just my opinion. But I trust I wouldn’t be wrong in stating that if given a shopie’s choice, most editors would go with Photoshop over Color. But maybe I’m totally off-base there…? — And my apologizes on the ProRes/MPE comparison, I had forgotten about the age of your original comment. @composite1– I get your comparison of the “both tools” argument, but I don’t seem them as two entirely different things. Idealy, both are used to facilitate speed/ease with your raw materials *before* editing. ProRes allows for uniform files, with low system resources, at the expense of up-front time. MPE allows for speed with un-uniform files, at the expense of system resources. To me, they seem more similar pre-workflow solutions than either of you are giving credit… but I appreciate the healthy argument either way.

If I exhibited an “attitude”, I guess that’s only because I’m excited to read/response to what seems like an intelligent debate amongst these two editing platforms. As a Premiere-guy, I find myself defending my position against the “industry-standard”, when, from my perspective… I see the programs very close to equals. Perhaps I am a bit bothered not many others agree.

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