@ Robert what are 30f/24f?


@ Robert

what are 30f/24f?

Did you mean 30p and 24p for the progressive settings?

This is from the Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 help file on the web, according to the information below the automatic scene detection features won’t work with hd or hdv footage:

Use automatic scene detection

Instead of manually logging In and Out points, you can use the Scene Detect feature. Scene Detect analyzes the video for scene breaks as indicated by the tape’s Time/Date stamp, such as those caused when you press the camera’s pause button while recording. When Scene Detect is on and you perform a capture, Adobe Premiere Pro automatically captures a separate file (Windows) or creates a master clip with a subclip (Mac OS) at each scene break it detects. In Mac OS, it places the subclips in a new bin. Scene Detect works whether you capture an entire tape or just a section between specific In and Out points. If you turn on Scene Detect and capture using In and Out points, Scene Detect may break up clips between the defined In and Out points if a scene break is detected.

Scene Detect logs scenes for batch capturing without altering the tape’s progress. It also logs scenes that occur across timecode breaks.

Note: Automatic scene detection isn’t available for HDV or HD assets.

Adobe Premiere Pro will capture a separate file for each scene it detects (Windows), or it will capture a master clip for the duration of the capture, with a subclip for each scene, placing all subclips into a new bin (Mac OS).

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