Rob, Cute about the RED ON



Cute about the RED ONE. I don’t even think you can get the box one of those comes in for what you can buy an XL1s kit for these days.

Yeah, back when we put together our XL1s kit it cost us around $10k back in ’02. Of course as I said we tricked that puppy out with a shoulder mount, 3 lenses, the b&w viewfinder, double battery holder, extra batteries. Not including the NVG kit, camera bag, tripod, raincover, fuzzy muff for the on camera mic and so on.

I checked around and most places that you can still get an XL2 (XL1s is discontinued), it’ll cost you $4k which is insane because you can get a JVC GY200UB w/Anton Bauer kit for $4k! So as far as getting something more capable but cheaper than an XL1s at today’s prices ain’t likely.

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