Rob, thank you again! I a


Rob, thank you again! I am going to recommend the HVR-M15AU deck to him.

So far he has decided on the 8-Core Mac Pro, with 12 GB RAM (he does plan on working in After Effects), the 640 GB Hard Drive, and one basic GT 120 video card. To that it looks like we will be adding the Kona LHi card, FCP Studio 3, two 24″ LCD Displays (one also an HDTV), a 1 TB video data drive, an old SD TV, and the Sony HVR-M15AU.

So, unless you have any further pointers or refinements to suggest, I think we have a plan. You have been extraordinarily helpful, Rob! I want to thank you once more for sharing your time and expertise to help my friend out. I looked at your web site, and I like your work. May God bless you, and your business!

Take care, Chuck

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