Rob, Some further comment



Some further comments. The product should be in sync with your display. For example my laptop has a screen refresh rate of 60Hz and my TV is 120Hz.

Incidentally regarding the significance of the recent availability of 60p camcorders and display devices , Douglas Trumbull, a pioneer of fast-frame-rate techniques, describing his earlier experiments said;

“When we shot test films at 24, 36, 48, 60, 66, and 72 frames per second we didn’t have words in English that described the phenomenon. We immediately saw a profoundly different kind of experience happening up around 60 frames: The surface of the screen became like a window into reality.”

Mr. Trumbull will receive a lifetime achievement Oscar this month. (Source: San Francisco Chronicle, February 5-11, 2012, Sunday Datebook p. 23)


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