rjd – I don’t know if you


rjd – I don’t know if you saw, or read the response I gave you when you contacted me via private message, but here it is. Much, of course, falling in line with a lot of what has already been said.

It would primarily be based upon your actual abilities and knowledge regarding the equipment, production abilities/basics and advanced capabilities, and editing skills. If you are entering with NO job experience, or commercial production experience, it might be a bit difficult to expect anything more than minimum wage up to about $10 per hour starting out, in spite of your education.

And, “internship” has all-to-frequently been taken as a way to take advantage of labor and skills regardless the ability or experience. Keep that in mind. Unfortunately the industry and/or companies with a need to facilitate or utilize video and/or multimedia related skills tends to make newbies run the gauntlet before paying them what they are worth, if ever.

If you are knowledgeable, skilled and capable in production work beyond the “concepts” approach via education, then you should be able to command $25 to $35 per hour (with some benefits as well) during a brief trial period. If you have professional skills and capabilities then you should also demand better considerations once you have completed a, say 60-to-90-day period.

It all really depends on how quickly you can get up to speed and address their needs. Most companies WILL use them to the extent you allow them. You will have to accurately assess you knowledge, skills and abilities, as well as your level of self-confidence, esteem and sense of worth and be willing to take a stand if you warrant it.

Also, if you ARE a bit hesitant to claim pro quality production abilities and are going to require some time to get up to speed in the real market, then it might be in your best interest to accept an indefinite “internship” at hopefully better than degrading salary or wage levels in order to get some of that “experience” everybody wants but seems unable to pay for and a higher degree of confidence that will suit you a year down the road when you feel ready to negotiate for a better paying position.

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