riverfisher, so you have


riverfisher, so you have footage of BigFoot!, Well maybe not, but regardless you may or may not have something. Value will be in the eye of the beholder. My first advice is to closely guard what you have. Next you will need to find an agent to represent you to the marketplace. You should have a non-disclosure agreement with that agent which also spells out exclusive ownership of the material. Selecting an entertainment attorney is also great advice to help guide you along, however, be prepared to "invest" a great deal. A godd attorney will run @ $2-300/hr. In the meantime, you could investigate what similar footage has sold for recently. The best way to find out the value of what you own is to try to buy it for yourself.


Self distribution may be an option, but as mentioned once the footage is out there it is easy to duplicate and while you may own the copyright, there is a significant cost in shutting down copyright violaters. (See entertainment attorney costs above). Once again, a good agent can advise you on that. I do some client representation and have access to the networks and production companies if you want to pursue further. Just contact me on the side.


Good Luck and keep us posted on your experience.   

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