Right on the head and shou


Right on the head and shoulders

Subject is pretty well fixed, onlyadvise small movement side to side.

No ambient light sources

The back lightsappear to work well.

The umbrella lamps are placed about like you mention.

I did try a clamp light at low level facing up toward subject, whichremoved some eyeand chin shadows.

The lamps are very close to the subject. I really thought aboutthis when I bought them to use flourescents for cooler operation.


Good point, I think you nailed it with the photographic grey card thing.

The camera doesso many things automatically I just never thought about white balance being an issue.

Since it hasAUTO white balancefunction enabled. The AUTO function is probably more of anoutdoor thing, certainly not a lighted studio thing.

My camera does allow me toset White balancemanually.

I’m not quite sure how to use thegrey card, or just what it does.

I have read where people use what they call “warm and cool cards” to white balance.

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