Right now, I have 2 harddr


Right now, I have 2 harddrives for a total of 280GB. I have 1 gig of ram. It seems to me that unless you are doing some heavy rendering like with after effects or some 3d modelling program, you wouldn’t need 3 gigs of ram. I could very well be wrong though. I know that having a ton of harddrive space is a plus. With the 280 I have now, i have maybe 30 gigs free, because I usually start work on a project and then have to put it aside and start something else, so I end up having alot of video stored on my computer until I can finish the project and delete it. I’m sure there are better ways of handling my footage, but I’m still learning. I’d say go with the extra harddrive space. You can never have enough.

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