Right now I am using Ulead


Right now I am using Ulead Media Studio Pro 7.1. It will crash once in a great while but not often enough to limit my ability to be productive.

My problem with going to Screen Blast is that it doesn’t have enough tracks.

All of my video editing is multi-camera and I need a number of tracks to get the job done.

My problem with Vegas is that I can’t afford it and I am not a student so I can’t get the discount.

I recently spent the price of Vegas on upgrading my computer. It would take a while to save that much up again.

Another problem is the learning curve. I would have to learn how to do things Vegas style instead of Ulead style and that would throw a monkey wrench in my ability to be productive and I would get behind, or would I? It would help a lot if I knew how to do it in Vegas what I do in Ulead.

By the way, what is the matter with this forum? I am typing this reply using notepad so I can copy and paste it because when I was using the reply box, all of a sudden the page went blank and I was back at the forum’s main menu and had to type this reply all over again.


Danny Fye

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