Rex, When you down-convert



When you down-convert from HD to SD you’re going to lose ‘picture clarity’. However, you do get an SD movie that looks better than if shot by a standard def camera.

Far as what you would do going from HD to SD, do all of your edits, compositing, transitions and color correction in HD. Burn the project as an HD mpeg2 and then start a new project with HD settings. Import the movie you burned into the new project and then bring it into the timeline and export it as an SD 720×480 mpeg2. Depending on how much other stuff you want to put on the DVD (menus and other stuff) you’ll need to adjust the data rate of the mpeg2 export settings so there will be enough room on the DVD for the other content.

No, you are not an ‘idiot’. Just uninformed. Bottom line, if you want full HD imagery in your film you’ll have to burn it to Blu-Ray. Otherwise, you’ll have to downconvert to SD. I feel your pain on the quality loss from HD to SD. However, if your viewers weren’t in the editing bay with you to see the original HD footage, I doubt they’ll sweat you about ‘Dude, that just doesn’t have the same quality as HD, cha?’ Best way to figure out how this stuff works is work with it.

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