Rex, The guys have passed



The guys have passed on some good tips to you. Yes you definitely want to ‘screen’ the product at least once for the client. On a near feature length project like yours you probably should have offered 2 or 3. On my bigger projects I offer 3 viewings one of the Assemble Edit just to let the client see what we shot, one of the Rough Cut and one of the Smooth. Each time the client views it I get any changes required written down and the client signs their approval and we move onto the next stage. Each time they approve, I send them an invoice for payment for the work up to that point. By the time we get to the Smooth screening, it’s pretty much done except for whatever minor tweaks are asked for. After that is delivery of the final product.

An online screening is good when the client lives too far to meet with easily. But if your client is in the same town or city, doing a ‘Client’ Screening’ in person is best as you can discuss the work with them directly. If you don’t have a workspace to bring client’s in or it’s not convenient to screen in their home / workplace, then find a place where you can set up a reasonably sized TV or projector for viewing. If you have a laptop you can link up with the TV or projector.

The place should have reasonably comfy chairs as this is a longer piece you don’t want them figiting because their butt hurts! Let them watch the piece uninterrupted first and afterwards discuss the piece with them. Definitely have that timecode in there like ‘Cat suggested as it will make it easier for both of you to find what you’re looking for. It has been my experience to only use a laptop as your presentation device only if the screen is large enough (17″ or better) and you have a couple of people watching.

Take good notes and be very open to make changes, but remember to remind the client ‘that the more dramatic the change, the more time and money it will cost to do.’ After final approval of the Smooth Edit, no more changes.

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