Respectfully, you Can prin


Respectfully, you Can print an 8″x10″ from a 1920×1080 video and get good quality. To prove this I just did it using Final Cut Pro and Lightroom3

In FCP: File > Export > Quicktime Conversion > Format = Still Image, Options = TIFF

TIFF is an important step, this is the largest file format available in FCP, jpeg will result in a smaller file

hit the second Options button, Options = Millions of colors, Compression = None

The Result was a .TIFF file 1920 x 1080 and the size was 8.3MB

I imported this into Lightroom3, applied noise reduction, sharpening and clarity.

I printed it on my Epson Pro 3800 on 8×10 paper.

I’ll agree that it’s not the quality of my Nikon D3s, but it’s was acceptable to my wife, she wants to keep it.

Here’s the print

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