Render your project (video


Render your project (video) as an AVI file.
Connect your camera(with a blank tape) to your computer(I assume you’re using firewire)
Open your capture window and choose the Print to Tape tab.
Top right, there is a Load file button.
Add one or more AVI files
You can cue your camera tape right on the interface using the jog slider
(scrub button) with the Cue Device tab.
When you’ve locate the desired location of the tape,
click Record to Device & the software will do the rest.
Multiple files will record in the order you have them listed, automatically.
It’s great for putting a bunch of finished vids on one reel.
Then dub your Digital footage to your VCR
I’ve never personallly dumped straight to VCR, but if you can connect it to your computer, it should work.
Otherwise, camera first, then VCR.
Hope this helped.
Good Luck

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