remember some guys out the


remember some guys out there offering a $400-500 dollar wedding are hoping to “Make a name” for themselves and charge more later. others are the “I got a $500.00 camera and it can take nice photos so I’m now a pro” scam artists looking to make a fast buck.

I don’t see anything wrong with “nipping them in the bud”, so to speak, any more than they see cutting my throat and slashing the perceived value of Traditional Wedding Services as being wrong.

Since there is a market (no point crying over spilled milk) for $500.00 weddings, I want a piece of it.

It takes a lot less skill to collect memory cards and burn discs and set up speakers than it does to do what I do, so I pay a fair wage for that, and if it flies, I’ll expand it.

I don’t believe it will hurt high end Wedding imaging services for us, anywhere nearly as bad as it would hurt the bottom feeders.

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