Regarding my experience on


Regarding my experience on Ebay with the camcorder I will be writing about it on my weekly editorial for the community website I support. I certainly gained much knowledge in this forum and I thoroughly appreciate the feedback I received from this forum and I hope to be contributor in a more positive manner in the future. In the meantime I just want to get my camcorder repaired so I can start turning out those videos. I noticed that some of you have chastised me for jumping right in with an expensive camcorder. The reason I wanted the camera is because of its low light capabilities. One of my video projects is to document the history of my community and I want to interview many oldtimers in an unobtrusive manner as possible minus the lights and all that so that they feel comfortable. I have taking pictures for 45 years starting with a Super 8 in the 1960’s and have used Pentaxes and Nikons. I just want to use the best technical equipment out there. I gave up golfing, motorcycling, drinking, and smoking and at age 65 I am not going to cut corners on something I love to do. Time is running out. When I receive my refurbished VX2100 I will post a video showing what its real capabilities are.
Dave from Minonk

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