Recording audio at a weddi


Recording audio at a wedding ceremony is the single most important thing when shooting a video. There are so many variables that can screw things up. I put a wireless on the groom and feed into channel two of my main camera. With my second camera I put a wireless on the Priest or Minister. I also use a minidisk recorder and pull an audio feed from the board. If a board is not accessible I use the mini disk recorder to mic up a speaker. In the latter case I use a Shure 57. These are designed for “micing” a speaker. During the editing process I may only use the audio from the minidisk several times for example maybe duringthe readings orfor a specific song.I will actually show up to the ceremony 1.5 hours before the service to setup and check audio levels. I will do all the audio setup first.Itry and get someone at the church to do a sound check with me. I set the audio levles on the minidisk just a little bittle lower to compensate for possible recording peaks. My minidisk recorder has amono function which gives me over two hours of record time.There are no rules when doing this stuff but a little overkill on the audio never hurts. If for some reason the minidisk recorder is unusable…you still will have clean audio from the clergy, the bride and groom. The reason for micing the clergy is if for some reason the groom wireless dies you still can pull the vows from his microphone. Your camera angles may not be perfect, maybe you camera gain was set a little to high, or someone stands in front of your shot…if the audio is garbage the final product is as well. I think most peopl ecan handle some imperfections in the video but if it is inaudible you really have a problem. I would make sure that any format for audio recording can handle at least 1.5 hours of recording. Plan out your wireless system if you plan to get one. I have two transmitters one is a lav system the other is a line level system for guitar. I pull my audio from the DJ mixed at the reception so that audio is also clean. I’ve never had any problems with syncing audio and video and if the sync is off just a little…add some reverb to simulate the hall. Good Luck, Rob

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