Recently, one of my friend


Recently, one of my friends wanted a church play recorded that he was in. I was expecting for something very basic but what I found was a huge production. I felt a bit embarassed because I brought only my basic Canon Optura 20 camcorder to record the play. When I got to the play, I was happy to find that there was another professional photo company there and they were using three sets of Canon XL1S cameras ganged together by one monitor for different camera directions. Anyway, let me make this short……….they had their wire running on the ground for about 50 ft (which is a No No) and had loss of video signal to the main monitor. Now, my subject is, is it worth the price? I would have to say at the current time…..NO, it might have been worth the price 5 years ago but camera technology has come so far in the last 5 years, I cannot see spending that kind of money for short filming time. I spend more time just processing my photos and film. I recommend that if you are able, find a professional source for renting your equip and get to know it well before you use it. You will not believe how much money you will spend, even if you use it all the time.

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