Recently I decided to sell


Recently I decided to sell my xl-1 and buy an HD camera and I ended up getting a canon HF10 with some accessories to make it stable and appear more professional etc. That’s all well and god but like was posted above, it’s hard to do something professional by yourself. So the Tax refund check comes in and I decide to buy a second camera. I agonized for over a month over which one to get. I do music videos, local commericals, and weddings mostly but I’m also planing on shooting an indie feature next year so I need something very versatile. after careful consideration I narrowed the field of options and features to the things I wanted: Shoulder mounted was preferred but mot mandatory, XLR was a must because I didn’t want to have to fiddle with a converter, a “real” lens (this came up in another post and I stated that it meant interchangeable and was later corrected. The reason for this was that I forgot about canons 12x lens only having manual zoom and focus.) with full manual controls, and the ability to upgrade.

This was, I soon realized, a tall order. Certainly many cameras had two or so of my requirements but I really fell in love with the JVC GY-HD110u. The only problem was that it lay mere dollars outside of what I had available. So what I did, was go without coffee and cigars for a few weeks and instead depositing the money I would have spent on them into my camera fund because i knew that quality came with a high price tag and I wasn’t willing to sacrifice because I know that it will make its money back.

So all in all the point I am trying to make is: if you are going to do this to make money, take a small investment and get a camera you can be proud of and that you won’t have to replace in a year. After that, write up contracts with all of your clients that require a deposit so that before each shoot, you can go out and upgrade one piece at a time until you have a setup that you are proud of.

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