recent string of bad luck


recent string of bad luck saw me survive a fire, lose nearly everything, even my family fell apart, so the divorce situation saw me jacked up for gear, and software…
needed to get back up and running…. fast…and cheap..

lav mic from radio shack, $8.00 on clearance x 2..
Zoom h1 recorder… $109.00
2 flip hd camcorder on clearance from Staples $25.00 x 2
home depot lights… under $50.00

macbook pro, Imovie, and free trial of fcpx

my old sony hdr hc1…. and manfrotto tripod.

still got the job done…

buy what you can afford, learn to use it to the best of it’s capabilities do the job, and then take your paycheck and buy what ever you need to improve the next job.

end result of that shoot with the above gear right here:

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