Really solid, Jon. You and


Really solid, Jon. You and your team have an impressive body of work, and the reel shows it off well. Perfect length, great music cue drives throughout.


Honestly, the only thing I'd change: the lower third credit titles instantly draw my eye to them, so I want to read them… and over and over, I see your name. Now clearly, you're the primary creative force behind the projects, which is great. Having said that, the impression I'm left with is "there's one guy who does all the main stuff and then other people help."


Based on your comment referencing your team, I assume that the team image is important to you. I propose either eliminating individual personal credits in the reel entirely (which would let the viewer watch the content more closely instead of being distracted by titles), or modifying them so your name doesn't show so many times. Doing so will more firmly position your company in the realm of high-end, team-based execution.


Because you really are doing some high-end, slick, well-done stuff. Killer reel.

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