Really appreciate all the


Really appreciate all the advice. I know many of the kitchens on TV are fake. When they aren’t fake, they use jels on the windows to lower the F-stop, clean up the inside of the cupboards and tape away. It can be done, just a matter of figuring out how. I certainly will not spray granite with anything I can’t be sure of, but I will look into that.

The bank of florescent panels is where I was heading, I did order a few of those. Thanks for the spot light tip, I’ll check a few of those out too! I have plenty of room for my jib (may use two jibs) if I mount the lights high.

Here is what my kitchen shows look like currently (Lesson 1 is with only one camera, first time, check out lesson 3 or 4). Hope the new cameras, jib, lights, and kitchen make a much better product, but this is what I am starting with:

Thanks again everyone.

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