Real estate videos are per


Real estate videos are perceived as competing with virtual tours, so that’s where the base price has to start. Then, as the product proves itself, you upsell more features. Because there are so many listings on the market, the SELLERS are starting to demand tours from the Realtors and agents in order to stand out in the crowd, whether the agent wants to budget it or not. So the ideal is to create a demand from the customer side whatever way you can (advertising). Quite often when I get a call from a broker it’s because the customer “requested” a video or virtual tour. When you add real estate videos to a mix of other production products, rather than as the primary market, they can fill in some of the gaps.

The most useful tool we have for real estate videos is a home-made Figg rig, modeled after one we saw on YouTube, using PVC, two bicycle handles from WalMart, and the quck-release head from a old Vivitar tripod. That, and a $15 monopod.

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