Re; VIDEO DEPOSITIONS. Many cameras show a time/date stamp in the viewfinder. It is necessary to be able to export that info at the time of recording and many/most camcorders do not. My experience of over 5000 video depositions tells me that analog composite outputs (red, white, yellow) are the most usable connections to have. They can output to many monitors, many stand alone DVD recorders, and analog mixers. After several years of doing this work, my camera of choice is the Panasonic DVX-100. I have three and they are in daily use. The audio is XLR in. The composition is 4:3, which works well with the video-sync program. The resolution is as good as you need. Most importantly, it outputs the time/date stamp at the time of the recording. Adding that info in post will negate the validity of the recording. I wish one of the manufacturers would contact the users of the products to find out what the user needs. However, as a relatively major player for twenty-five years in the event and then the legal field, I have never received that call. Chats with reps at the product shows; NAB, COMDEX, etc. are a waste of time.

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