RE: the Zoom H2 digital au


RE: the Zoom H2 digital audio recorder = GREAT, clear, crisp, clean audio with minimum effort. Audio, especially for your intended purpose, is TOP PRIORITY! And though decent enough under controlled taping sessions, the GL2 on-camera mic picks up internal sounds from the tape mechanism, and other hard to isolate sound interruptions.

Disclaimer: I am NOT PC centric, nor do I have even a modicum of working knowledge of the platform and its various components or available operating or editing systems. That being said…

Desktop, generally speaking, is always better because (with admitted exceptions) desktop systems are more robust and capable. So, yes, “doing all this stuff” on your desktop is probably beneficial.

If your system has firewire (still a lot of 400 out there, but 800 is better and faster) then yes you can usually purchase the required cable/connection at most electronics stores. Prices vary, as does quality, but don’t let the salesperson snow you into some ultra-awesome monster cable with gold plating – not always all that and a cheeseburger. You can usually find better pricing and value at on-line, web-centric outlets like or or etc.

You WILL NEED a video/graphics card. Google for recommendations for your particular computers – primarily the desktop – with at least 512 memory, preferably higher. There are two or three reputable brand names, but you’ll have to do this research on your own.

DO NOT use your system drive for processing video! Period! Use another drive(s) dedicated to processing/editing video – external firewire, SATA (skip USB, even USB2 simply isn’t up to snuff for dealing with video editing, though some will tell you it works fine. Nada.

You’re going to need large capacity drives, external or internal. You will need to find a way to determine how well your PC deals with extra memory, and high capacity drives, as there often are, or can be, limitations to what a specific system will utilize and I don’t have the answers.

It is widely accepted that NTSC, DV, Standard Definition (the GL2, tape recordable digital MiniDV camcorder, for example) will result in your computer needing about 13 GB per hour. HDV, on the other hand, requires anywhere from 38-50 GB per hour; UHDV (ultra high def) chimes in at 100 GB = 18 mins, or six GB per min. Do the math, verify your PC’s ability and/or limits for high capacity HDs, then buy a couple, perhaps a few.

NTSC = 1.5 GB per min
DVCPro HD = 1 GB per min, or according to Wikipedia, approximately 250MB per min/13 GB per hour.
Cineform compressed HDV takes 30-40 GB per hour
Uncompressed, 1440 x 1080 = 234 GB per hour

In other words, one hour of Standard Definition (SD – the GL2) at 640×480 (also 720×480 a bit more), at 24-bit color depth, and 25 fps (frames per second) frame rate will require 82.8 GB.

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