Re permission, good point


Re permission, good point HomeVideoPro. As well as, you can’t get much more low tech than shooting off of a TV screen. (Well maybe shooting off of a movie screen with a handheld. Once did this on a dare for an educational fair use piece for TV cable access. The show’s moderator went on and on (and on and on) during a live broadcast about how I snuck into the theater with a cam concealed under my long raincoat etc. etc., making fun at my expense. The footage shot was obviously low-fi and it underscored the circus nature of the project.) These days, good quality cams are within means of the masses, the footage can be at a much higher quality level, and your next summer vacation stop could be the jailhouse. If you go to the source and ask permission you might be surprised. Several years ago, I was in Hong Kong and found myself enthralled by a very creative promo piece being run over and over for the Hotel chain where I was staying. It was well shot, had loads of visual humor, and entertained me immensely. I had to have it for my collection, so I spent considerable time setting up the cam and playing around with settings to get the best quality. After I had gone to that trouble and had a complete but nevertheless crusty off-screen dub, it occurred to me to go to the Hotel Management and ask for a good copy. They gladly gave me an extra that the commercial’s producer had provided to them, fancy case and all. Made my day.

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