RE: My post of Dec 13th, I


RE: My post of Dec 13th, I’ve got to sheepishly admit that at least some of my troubles with Pinnacle Studio Plus 10 may have been self-inflicted.

Yesterday I increased the DDR memory in my system from the minimum requirement of 512 MB to Pinnacle’s recommendation of 1 GB. As I was generating some primitive animations in JPG format I noticed that the system was quickly and easily rendering the images on which it used to choke.

It did crash when I trimmed two contiguous JPGs to 1 second and 15 frames each…one of the same problems I had before the memory size increase…so Studio Plus 10 is still not out of the woods as far as I’m concerned. But now it apparently doesn’t crash as often.

Am I damning Avid/Pinnacle with faint praise?

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