Re headphones, I’ve curren


Re headphones, I’ve currently settled for a pair of cheap/decent/light weight Radio Shack phones, that disappear into a vest pocket when not in use.
This pair is connected by a solid piece of plastic over the head, not the split type. Have mastered getting them on quickly with one hand while operating the cam with the other, when this is needed; took practice.
Not expensive, I think in the $15 to $25 range. There is no model number on the unit.
I took a chance on this pair, I hadn’t planned on buying such a cheap micro pair, but they proved themselves “on location.” This past October, during an interview session in a rice paddy community in the Philippines, I used these phones to monitor story telling from my subject and LOTS of noise from kids crowded around. Using my Shure special line matching tranformer cable (Model A96F), XLR to pin input on the cam, I noticed a faint hum/whine that was present only when I slowly zoomed in or out on my storyteller. (BTW hugely shocking and disappointing that this special cable let me down.) Anyway, I said CUT and switched to a plain no frills cable to do the XLR to pin connection. (Comprehensive brand, 3-footer) This backup system got rid of the noise (relief!!!) and I clearly heard the super clean 16-bit audio through the “cheap” phones.

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