RB I also own the AZD200UL


RB I also own the AZD200ULT Dual 63-Channel On-Camera UHF Wireless Bodypack System. I no longer use both mics. I have found a huge problem with 2 seperate audio tracks (groom & minister) put together as one track when you download. In the past I have had the minister telling a story about the bride and groom. In the background you can hear the groom and bride whispering. Your recording 2 mics on one track. In post it’s very difficult to pick the audio apart if it’s layed in one track(also very time consuming). I now only run 1 mic and use 2 digital recorders. Like compusolver said about testing for interferences. I set up both wirless mics on 2 different channels, have my helper walk all over the area talking to me as I monitor sound for drop outs and interference. I then make the best choice for which mic / channel to use. I still have to learn how to use my digital recorders better becuase of the larger area they pick up sound.

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